Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have to say that I can't stand it when a doctor tells a pregnant woman who wants to have natural childbirth that she can do that "as long as everything goes well." That is so patronizing to me! It's like saying "you do whatever you want to do to make yourself feel better, little mother, I'll be over here doing all the important work with the baby because that's all the really matters." How many women who want to do natural childbirth would be so irresponsible to do natural childbirth under any circumstances! Of course we know that if something goes horribly wrong, natural is not an option. To have to say that is just insulting our intelligence. It makes it seem like the doctor is in charge and doing all the work and the mother's presence is inconsequential. All the effort the mother is putting into labor is not important, just the end result of a healthy baby. I know that doctor's are just trying to cover their rear but I believe that is only because they don't have enough faith in the birthing experience. And there is a small number of women out there who are crazy enough to have a natural childbirth under any circumstance but we should not all be talked to like we are in that small percentage. We need to find the healthcare providers out there who will give us the trust and respect we deserve and recognize that the mother is the one in charge!

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Lani said...

Unfortunately, doctors do have to cover themselves, and many women don't want to be or don't realize they can be in charge of their birth experience. Fortunately most women who want a natural childbirth are able to find a supportive healthcare provider, be that doctor or midwife.