Thursday, February 26, 2009

C-Section craze!!!

I was going to write "my story" about my birth experiences since our blog is still new and we're trying to give some background but I've had something else on my mind and today was THE LAST STRAW! Yet another friend's doctor has given her the option of having a C-section for no particular reason. Perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy-sure, she's never gone overdue before and now she's two days over and the baby isn't fully engaged in the pelvis yet, blah blah blah. So, doesn't this mean that the baby isn't ready to come out yet? If you ask that question you get, "well, maybe, but you don't want the baby to get too big". Oh, so that's the real reason-which, again, is basically a fallacy. Why aren't women thinking this through? Why do we let medical professionals give us advice about our births based on our fears? Since when has it ever done us any good to listen to people who nurture our fears?

The rate of unnecessary C-sections has increased over the last couple of years to an astounding degree and this new "trend" is becoming very popular all over the country. Medical professionals attend conventions where this topic is discussed and have come to a general agreement that it's more than just normal to suggest a C-section to any woman (without going into all that detail about the disadvantages and risks of course)-it's widely preferred! They contend that women are now given another choice in childbirth that previously was restricted to those with actual complications-that we should be in complete control and have all options open to us-sounds great, right? Do I really have to say...beware of things that sound too good to be true?

Over the years, we've let the "induction trend" slowly creep into our culture until now it's considered normal and also very much over-used, ill-timed, and presenting a whole new set of risks to the mother and baby that need to be dealt with. But now we've regressed to just skipping over that and going straight to the C-section! I mean, what is this-1945? When our grandmothers were knocked out, induced, and the baby pulled out with forceps and not meeting its mother until she woke up? Sure, this new way sounds more sophisticated and women are told that they're getting the "best of both worlds" and, most important, the doctor is happy-oops! Did I say that? Ladies, we're all smarter than this and most importantly, WE KNOW BETTER. Just listen to your womanly instincts for a moment and then tell me what you think is right.


Robert and Sherry Leal said...

I forgot to tell you--I saw a biography on Sylvester Stallone and you know that "scowl" he has and how one side of his mouth droops? Apparently he got that during birth from the forceps. He has no feeling in that lower half of his face. Now, it's worked out for him (it's one of the things that make him recognizable), but when I heard that I said, "Ah ha! See!! These artificial devices and techniques are bad for babies!" Robert rolled his eyes, but I thought it was a good example.

Lani said...

More choices are always better, right? ;)

I'd love to see links and/or a list of resources on your blog that would help women to be more informed on childbirth options.

Valerie said...

I would highly recommend watching Ricki Lake's documentary, "Business of Being Born" to anyone expecting or planning a family in the future! (I found it at the library). It talks a lot about how society has made C-section a "trend", not to mention all the other interventions out there to "help" with the birth process. It also informs women of the alternative of using midwives and/or having a home birth and how safe it really is. It makes me sad that so many women out there are willing to spend months researching a car, appliance, etc. before they buy, but when it comes to their own health not to mention the health and safety of their babies they don't think twice about taking the advice of their doctors. Having a C-section is MAJOR surgery and a drug is a DRUG with side effects. Common sense is to educate yourself then make a decision based upon what you've learned and what is best for you as an individual. Afterall, as much as they will tell you otherwise, doctors do not know everything, they just PRACTICE medicine. I could go on and on but I think I better stop there.

Thanks again guys for starting this blog!

Jaime Escalante said...

I forgot to link this blog to mine, and haven't checked it in a long time, but I'm so glad I remembered it!

I am such a strong advocate of INFORMED birth choices. I agree whole-heartedly with this post and the comments. Birth culture in our society has become so skewed, and unfortunately most women who solely trust the advice of their doctors don't understand what they're missing out on by not taking the time to explore their options. We need to help women understand that they have choices in birth, and they can (and should) seek out providers and establishments that support their birth preferences.

I'm a midwife and just "caught" my 63rd baby. I've attended over a hundred births by now and I just wish I could open more moms' eyes to what I've seen. Birth can be so beautiful when a woman is trusted to do what her body tells her to. Well-prepared moms in labor are a beautiful thing to behold. Calm, low-intervention births are incredible! Babies and moms bond so well. It is such a stark contrast to the sterile-draped, technology-ridden, hastened births that so many women subject themselves to unnecessarily. I'm glad this blog is spreading the word to better educate women on their health, the health of their babies, and their options. Let's all keep working hard to spread the word and change how we look at pregnancy and childbirth!

-Jamie (Jaime E. is my nickname)