Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a link to a great article from CNN about how to avoid cesareans. One interesting statistic they have is that 44% of inducements end up being cesareans whereas only 8% of spontaneous labors do. Read it here. It's a good one!


Lani said...

Fantastic! I love to have some real facts to put behind some of these ideas. However, the 44% of induced ending in C-section was for FIRST TIME MOTHERS. I'm interested to know what the percentage is for other mothers. I'm sure its higher than people might think. Also, I think their #3 should be #1. Even if you don't care about having a lot of attention/personal relationship with your midwife/doctor, you should know about their practices and tendencies and how they align with your own opinions and desires for pregnancy and childbirth.

Natalie said...

So, how can you find out what a Dr.'s Csection rate is?

Anna said...

Good question because the simple answer of "just ask you doctor" probably won't work. You can contact the hospital administration and request the statistics I think. But if it's a private practice, then I'm not sure.

But, the best way to avoid C-section is talk to your doctor about what your expectations/concerns are and ask questions like "what would you do if..." and then education yourself on how to avoid a c-section. I the doctor doesn't work with you on that, then drop them and find another one or try a midwife.

A HINT: a doctor who is focused on medication of any kind and tries to convince you that any other way is ridiculous (even if you are considering medication) will not be able to help you have an educated birth. You won't have anyone supporting you during labor or honoring your wishes, you will almost certainly end up with medication you don't want, and that will greatly increase your risk of a c-section.