Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've just added some links that I found very informative.

Choices in Childbirth website is great to find information on hospital statistics, questions to ask your health care provider, and you can order the Guide to a Healthy Birth which lists certain rights that a mother has with her birth, it's great. However, the organization is based in New York. Great if you live there, not so much if you don't. But it still has other resources for non-New Yorkers.

MANA is the ultimate page if you have question about midwives. It will give you more information about midwifery and childbirth than you even knew existed and find a midwife for you in your area.

Midwifery Today is a website that is geared towards midwives but has such good information for everybody. Great articles, book suggestions, resources, support communities, education information, newsletters, and new and up coming research in the birthing field. Everything to keep you up to date on what's healthy and what's not in childbirth.

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